There are a large number of people who are content not to know what is happening in the world around them. But we live in an age of globalization, and the fact that the world is closer than it has ever been before makes it imperative that people know that events are happening around the world. Because the entire world's economy is connected, events in one part of the world can affect those in other parts of the planet. So many people's financial situations are connected to events that are happening in other countries. One obvious example is the price of oil. Since much of it comes from the Middle East, people need to pay attention to what is happening in that turbulent region. If the price of gas rises there, the prices of many more goods in other countries will also increase. Keeping an eye on world events ensures that a person will be prepared for such changes. People also need to be on the lookout for negative factors like the spreading of diseases globally. Because of the higher incidence of travel, people need to be aware of what illnesses are appearing throughout the world. For instance, the SARS virus spread to all parts of the world and killed thousands of people before it was finished. People must know about these kinds of events so that they can avoid affected areas. After all, taking a vacation to other countries without any information on these kinds of diseases could be the worst thing for your health. Finally, more and more people are moving to different areas around the world today, which requires them to keep informed about what is going on in many places. They need to know about the safely level of the places where they might be moving or where their friends and family members are living. For example, my aunt moved to Europe recently, so now I keep track of the news there to make sure everything is fine in her new home. With families and friends spread out all over the world, events in other places can affect many people. In summary, it is crucial that people keep track of world events because they can affect people's finances, health, and even their safety. We are truly living in a global community, so we cannot afford to be isolated from one another. A number of various events take place every day in every country all around the globe. However, it is not important that people know about the events that are happening in remote countries. First of all, so many events that happen take place too far away from me to have any direct influence on my life. Therefore, there is no real need to know about these foreign events because they will not affect us in any way at all. The news last night ran a story about a volcano erupting in Indonesia. While it may be an interesting story, that event in no way at all has anything to do with my life. As for me, I am more concerned about what happens in my neighborhood, not in some far-off land. Most international events happen to complete strangers whom I will never have anything to do with. I will never meet these people, so it is hard for me to be interested in their lives. For instance, while there may be some civil wars going on in Africa, those battles have no bearing on my life. I cannot bring myself to learn about them at all. Unless I know the person directly involved in the news, global events are of little concern to me. There is only so much time to do all the things that I need to do each day, so taking in international news is not one of my priorities. I simply do not have the time to learn about events happening on other continents. My priorities are my family, my schoolwork, and my friends. Most people are the same as me. People care about the events and people near them. Global events are just not that high in importance to most people. I do not think it is so important to learn about world events because of their lack of importance in our lives, the fact that they happen to complete strangers, and my inability to spare enough time to learn about these events. Simply but, these events need to have some kind of direct effect on people before they will take notice of them.