I have occasionally seen some older people who thoroughly enjoy their lives. However, as a general rule, young people definitely enjoy life more than older people do. Since the majority of young people are more physically active than older people, they can engage in more activities. In general, young people like to go outside and do different things, and this helps them enjoy their lives more. Most young people are very active individuals. They like going out, playing sports, taking trips, and doing all sorts of other activities. This keeps them from getting bored. When they do not want to do one activity, they just physical strength to enjoy such various activities. For example, my grandparents are retired, and the only thing they do is sit around the house all day long. That cannot be fun at all. The expression “variety is the spice of life” is very true in young people. Also, young people frequently go out with their friends, something which helps them enjoy their lives even more. Being alone can be very boring, but you almost never see young people spending time by themselves. Instead, they are surrounded by friends. The same is not true for older people. I have often heard older people, including some of my relatives, complain about being lonely. Their loneliness cannot contribute to making them happy. I am sure they would be much happier if they had friends with whom they could spend time, just like young people do. It seems clear to me that young people enjoy life much more than older people do since they are physically active enough to do more activities and can go out with their friends frequently. It seems that being young is a great resource for enjoying life.