Nowadays, the annual incomes of many sports stars and film stars come to millions of dollars. Some people claim that their salaries are too high. Yet, in my opinion, such salaries are well deserved. They work hard to become famous, provide entertainment for us, and win honors for their countries. First, famous athletes and entertainers make painstaking efforts to achieve fame. Fame is a wonderful thing to have, but it seldom appears overnight. Famous people have worked hard for years to achieve their fame today and they have to continue their good work to maintain it. For their hard work, sports and entertaining stars deserve to be generously rewarded. Unfortunately, people tend to focus on the huge amounts of money made by them. They rarely appreciate the efforts that athletes and entertainers have to make in order to achieve the fame that they have today. For example, in order to win the first place in a 100-metre dash, an athlete has to cover hundreds of mils during training. Famous stars deserve their high salaries because they have worked hard. Second, sports and entertaining stars provide us with good entertainment. On weekends, many of us attend a football match that includes Beckham, see a movie that star Julia Roberts, or go to a concert that features Celine Dion. These people help us make good use of our free time by entertaining us. As a result, we feel inspired as well as relaxed. In other word, we feel energetic again after attending the events. We even feel that we have more to enjoy in life and have new aspirations. For such reasons, these people are worth their high salaries. Third, athletes and entertainers win honors for their countries. For example, after four years' hard work, many athletes win gold medals at the Olympics Games. They are able to make millions of dollars a year after the games. Such high salaries are justified, because these athletes have won honors for their countries in the most competitive arena and have made their people proud, something few people can even dream of. This is true for entertainers as well. Many actors and actresses receive high salaries after they have won Oscars or prizes at Cannes Film Festival. These people also deserve high salaries, because they have made a name in films for their country and have made their country better known by people elsewhere in the world. All in all, famous athletes and entertainers merit their high salaries, for their hard work, entertainment they provide, and their contribution to their country. If I had a chance, I would be a famous star who can make millions of dollars a year.