The good colleague can be classified into many categories, but the two main categories are apparent. Obviously, the best colleague is a helpful person. Although a good colleague is not always a personal and close friend, he knows how to respect personal space. These ideas necessitate further exploration. The helpful colleague is there in an infinite number of situations. If one's vehicle is not working satisfactorily, the colleague may offer assistance at the perfect time. A ride goes a long way in the cold. Moreover, the friendly wave from across the room speaks volumes during a long day at work. A watchful eye around the area keeps work overload to a minimum when people help each other out. The needed tool or some advice is sometimes found at the next desk. These things appear small, but they add up. As it is good to see the friend when in need, it is also good not to see him. Personal space is a luxury that most people cherish. As a result, a worker always wants to see quiet time as quiet time. It can be highly annoying to read something twice. Also, at times, people just do not want to talk. Along those lines, to respect a person's privacy means to know when not to wave, when not to come and ask for a tool, and when not to make conversation. Some final words may shed more light on the subject. Around the world, people always deal with good and bad coworkers. Regardless of the cultural differences between people, they usually appreciate help and respect. Though the definitions vary, a good colleague is usually helpful and respectful at the same time. It is all a matter of kindness.